DIY Multitouch table project offers low-cost alternative to Microsoft Surface

Eyebeam are looking to bring DIY multitouch to the masses with their open-source Cubit project.  Promising a touchscreen table in the style of Microsoft's Surface, only with a far smaller $500-1,000 build cost, Eyebeam have made the hardware schematics and software source code available for anyone to download.  They also sell a kit that includes the table, frosted surface and most of the electronics, with builders only needing to supply the computer, a simple projector and a webcam.Check out the video of the Eyebeam Cubit in action after the cut

The result is an interface that can respond to multiple points of contact.  AT&T are currently using Microsoft's version in several of their stores, where users can see coverage maps, compare cellphone features and, eventually, download and exchange contact simply by putting a handset down on the table.  Both the Microsoft and the Eyebeam systems work in roughly the same way, with infrared light that is projected up under the table bouncing off fingertip contact with the screen and being registered by the webcam.

Eyebeam are currently taking expressions of interest for the Cubit kit.  Pricing has not been announced, but it will support Windows, Linux and OS X.  The project was demonstrated at the recent Maker Faire.

[via GottaBeMobile]