DIY LED stair lighting system gets video demo

Motion-triggered lighting isn't new, but nor is it generally aesthetically pleasing; if I were Edo Kreigsmann I think I'd be running up and down the stairs all night.  His DIY LED lighting system doesn't just turn on the lights when it spots you going up or downstairs; instead it progressively illuminates them, as if you're in a bubble of light that follows you up or down.Video demo after the cut

The system is reminiscent of those flashing dance floors which light up when you step on them, though obviously you shouldn't dance on stairs as you stand a decent chance of falling down.  No sign of any instructions as to how to build your own, but Edo's new Interactive Furniture site might be the place that they'll eventually appear.

If you can't wait, the Hacked Gadgets team already have a DIY stair lighting system available in their store.  Theirs is triggered by a laser beam at the bottom of the stairs, with simple LEDs embedded in the walls by each tread.

[via Hacked Gadgets]