DIY laser jacket is dazzling success

Chris Davies - May 4, 2010
DIY laser jacket is dazzling success

The money shot for this laser jacket is after the cut – dozens of red beams shooting out from all directions – but I can’t get past this close-up of the spiky laser assemblies themselves.  The handiwork of Wie-Chieh Shih, 200 lasers were added to a jacket intended to be worn at a DJ stage show.

I almost said it would be “eye-catching”, but the chance of causing some sort of eye injury in the audience looks pretty high.  Still, until they’re blinded they’d be greatly entertained.

There’s no word on how long it took to put together, nor whether each laser is a standalone unit (with its own battery and power switch) or if they’ve been centralised in some way.  More photos here and here.

[via MAKE]

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