DIY Lamborghini cost just $3k

It took a year's work and $3,000 worth of parts, but 25-year-old mechanic Chen Jenmiao finally – almost – has the car of his dreams.  The DIY Lamborghini may not have the heritage of an authentic Italian thoroughbred, but neither is it quite as expensive and Chen shouldn't have to worry about breaking too many speed limits: it'll max out at between 60 and 90mph.

Before you get too critical of its slab-sided lines and slightly rustic finish, it's worth remembering that Chen did it all by hand in his spare time.  While it probably wouldn't make it through road safety checks in the US or Europe, some enthusiasm and elbow-grease look to be enough to get the car onto the roads of Chenzhou city in the Hunan province of China.

[via Autoblog]