DIY iPod speakers

For many, the iPod has come to represent mobile music; if you're looking for portable speakers, then, what better than iPod-shaped ones?  Jordan Horwich put together a pair of individually-amplified stereo speakers using two original iPod casings: inside each there's a 2.25-inch speaker cone, volume control, Altoids Tin Speaker amp and DIY battery holder.

While it might seem straightforward, there isn't a huge amount of room in even the chunky early-generation iPod cases.  Squeezing in the components required more than a little Dremeling and some compromises in parts.  If you fancy trying it yourself, but haven't got two iPod casings lying around, factor in their not-inconsiderable cost, too; Jordan paid $100 (including shipping) for his.

Still, what's a little money when you've got a set of interesting, unique speakers.  Expect to see them promptly copied and sold at the $20 mark; such is life.

[via Generation MP3]