DIY iPhone-controlled four-stage coil gun [Video]

Chris Davies - May 17, 2010, 9:44 am CDT
DIY iPhone-controlled four-stage coil gun [Video]

What could be better than a DIY four stage coil gun capable of punching some serious holes in cardboard boxes?  How about mounting said-gun on a WiFi-controlled motorized turret, with a custom iPhone/iPad remote interface with live video streaming?  That’s just what University of Arkansas engineering students Chris Farnell and Michael Helms put together.

Video demo after the cut

They enlisted the help of an Arduino microprocessor, and integrated a WiFi hub into the base of the coil gun.  Although the wooden barrel looks cumbersome, the motorized pivot keeps it moving pretty swiftly.  We’d like to think they’d release instructions for us to make our own, but we can’t see Apple approving the control software for the App Store.

[via Hack a Day]

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