DIY hottie makes the Death Star look GOOD

Take a hot chick and put her in a DIY anything that is from a geek flick and you have instant win. The DIY R2-D2 helmet that we saw a while back was a perfect example of Star Wars DIY. Here is another example of Star Wars DIY and this is hotter than the helmet if you ask me. I missed this when it turned up on the Star Wars Blog back in July, but it surfaced again recently.

The lady in the photos is Jennifer Landa and she crafted this Death Star dress by hand and headed out to Comic-Con in San Diego. Landa was crafty in creating the dress. The big skirt was made from paper-Mache applied to a beach ball and then cut in half. The paint started with gray and then all the details worn on the skirt are made with craft foam, fabric tape, and paint. It looks really cool.

The headband thingy is geeky too with a big tie fighter on it. Apparently, the TIE Fighter is a toy made by Micro Machines. I had no idea they had things that were so large in the collection. Specifically it's a plastic toy version of Vader's own TIE Interceptor. Check out more pics in the gallery.

[via Dvice]