R2D2 helmet protects your cranium in geek style

Shane McGlaun - Aug 24, 2011
R2D2 helmet protects your cranium in geek style

I am a big fan of Star Wars as are most geeks. I think that it’s really cool to see girls that are fans of Star Wars too. It’s easy to think of Star Wars fans as a bunch of guys, but that isn’t the case. Check out the is hottie named Jenn Hall that created her own Star Wars R2D2 theme helmet for riding her scooter. Hall is a pastry artist by day and geek by night.

The helmet may have started its life as your typical glossy black brain bucket, but some tape, silver paint and blue accents later the thing is a geek work of art. The build process looks like it took some work to get it just right. You can see a slew of different photos on Jen’s website that shows her making the helmet.

The little projections on the helmet are apparently made from cut down PVC pipe. I think it would have been equally awesome had she created a helmet that had the round hair things that Leia wore in the original flick. Jen says after she completed the project she wore it around the house and then wore the helmet to bed. I bet her email is flooded with geek marriage proposals.

[via Technabob]

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