DIY Geek-Golf: variable putting green & wooden 9-hole course [Video]

Honestly, you wait ages for one DIY indoor golf system and then two turn up at once.  That said, the Design News variable-terrain putting green and the La Bolleur 100-percent wooden mini-golf course demand wildly different amounts of space in your home or office, and we've a feeling most people would only have room for the former.Video demo after the cut

The Design News system certainly appeals to the geek in us.  Intended to offer more than one putting challenge, the course has three holes and two adjustable under-green platforms that rise up to make for a tougher game.  Design News have put up a full build guide [pdf link] in case you're tempted to make your own

As for the La Bolleur setup, that consists of a full nine holes ranging in complexity from a simple angled course to a roller coaster-style loop and a wooden tightrope.  It bizarrely has the honor of being constructed in what used to be an Eindhoven brothel, and comes complete with a clubhouse for after-game drinks.

Design News variable-terrain video demo:

[via MAKE and via HackNMod]