DIY digital clock kit prompts design competition

Chris Davies - Jun 26, 2007

Clock kits are nothing new – in fact I remember producing a monstrosity of timekeeping while in high-school tech class, complete with “fashionable” bent plastic stand – but they tend to be analogue since it’s a lot easier to pop a few hands on a sprocket and slap an AA battery in round the back.  Digital clocks are far rarer beasts, which is why it’s so nice to see Furni’s set and to hear that they’re promoting some ingenious thinking thanks to a design competition.


 Furni clock

Coming complete with the LED board, breakout box for your choice of button controls and either US or Euro style power adaptor, the $24 bargain just demands a little imagination as to what casing you’re going to house it in.  It’s the same setup as found inside Furni’s prebuilt clocks, and if you send photos of your creation to them before September 1st it could actually be produced as part of their next collection.

It’s available now.

Furni Clock

Furni clock

Furni Product Page [via MAKE:]

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