DIY cyborg costume gives you Borg eye [Video]

As DIY costumes go, Ryan Sturmer's cyborg masquerade mask is all kinds of awesome. Constructed from the salvaged - and still functional – parts from a digital camera, the mask uses the zoom lens as an eyepiece (complete with a Terminator-style red LED) and reacts to breathing to run through some suitably Borg-like movements.Video demo after the cut

The nosepiece hides a thermistor, which tracks increasing heat – such as when you exhale strongly – and triggers the camera lens' power and self-check procedure. The schematic for the whole thing is actually printed onto the mask, while the microcontroller for the thermistor is also mounted to the side of the open eye hole. Unfortunately you can't actually see through the camera lens – nor take photos – but it's geekily great all the same.

[via Hack a Day]