DIY Coilgun: 68mph from quad-capacitor array

Chris Davies - May 7, 2009
DIY Coilgun: 68mph from quad-capacitor array

We obviously don’t advocate DIY violence here at SlashGear, but we do have a soft-spot for homemade coilguns with trick LED lighting and bulging capacitors.  This particular beauty is the handiwork of Daniel Eindhoven, who spent around 40hrs and €100 putting together a semi-automatic gun capable of firing up to 14 shots at speeds up to 110km/h (68mph).

Four capacitors give a total of 8,800uF with a maximum 400V, and it can be ready to fire from a mains connection in just 8 seconds.  Things get a little slower when you’re running off the internal batteries, however, taking around 90 seconds.  After 14 shots (at 300v) the whole thing overheats, and you have to wait for it to cool down.

Still, these are just minor points when you have something that looks so damn cool.  Incidentally, the bulb at the front isn’t for occasional lighting but acts as a charging resistor for the capacitor bank whenever you’re juicing up from the mains.

[via Hacked Gadgets]

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