DIY Batcave-themed hidden entrance

The original TV series of Batman may have over-err'd on the side of tights, but it had a few fantastic gimmicks.  This Batman-themed hidden entrance was actually for a school homecoming dance, and was the work of Low Voltage's Jimmy; he rigged up a reproduction Shakespeare bust (complete with hidden button), disguised door and even a motorized opening mechanism.

The star is undoubtedly the bust, which looks to be one of the authentic replicas which sold for around $300 but is now sadly discontinued.  A few hours with some papier mache might rectify that, though a DIY version probably wouldn't look quite so good.

As for the motor, that cost all of $7 from a surplus store, and the door had a layer of the same wallpaper used for the walls to suitably disguise it.  Anybody tempted to recreate something similar for Halloween this year?

[via Hack a Day]