DIY Barbot uses breast-milk pumps [Video]

Ah, the future.  Tinfoil suits, robots that make us drinks.  It may not yet be socially-acceptable to wrap yourself in aluminum foil and roam the streets, but with a little DIY work – and three breast-milk pumps – you can certainly create the automatic barbot of your dreams.Video demo after the cut

The humbly-titled "Drink Making Unit" shown here is the handiwork of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, and was thrown together for for Barbot 2010.  It's all pretty straightforward: the breast-milk pumps – which are obviously food safe – are used to suck up various liquids from the carafes placed on the shelf behind, before dumping them through an ice bucket that drains into the glass.

Control is via a simple button panel that has an accompanying 8x8 LED matrix for system messages and self-promotion.  Currently it's set up to produce White Russians, as you can see in the video below.

[via HackNMod]