DIY Arduino cellphone made of off-the-shelf parts

If you've ever wanted to make a cellphone for yourself out of parts from the likes of hack-friendly Aduino, now is the time. Though you're not going to be winning any beauty contests with this machine's aesthetic, you'll certainly be able to feel proud of your construction skills by the end of it all. Say hello to the first home-made smartphone – if you can call it that.

Through Hack-A-Day comes news of this massive lump of an accomplishment, with Instructables making it clear for the public what they've got to do to make it all happen for themselves. The most powerful bit of this whole project is the idea that you'll not need to be an engineering genius to get it all running – it's relatively simple!

Once you've made this oddity, gestures and single-taps to the device's touchscreen will bring up abilities like texting and simple phone calls. Right-swipes bring you phone calls, double right-swipes bring you back to your home screen. At the moment you'll be working with a display of the time and date as well as access to text messaging and voice phone calls – but that's all you need, right?

This system does not yet work with full Arduino Phone Apps access quite yet, but it very well could in the near future. At the moment you'll also need to have access to a 3D printer to make the case, otherwise the parts should be relatively easy to access through a variety of DIY-parts sources. Have at it!