Distinctive Independent watches land at Tokyoflash

We're used to Tokyflash offering distinctive, dare we say bizarre watches, but while they work on their new line-up they're featuring some limited edition models from a fellow Japanese firm, Independent.  Four watches are on offer, with various sub-dials, gages and even some Tokyoflash-style hidden features.

Of the four Independent models, it's the ITX21-5132 which we think will appeal to traditional Tokyoflash buyers.  The all-silver timepiece – which you can see in the gallery below – looks ostensibly normal, but at the push of a button an LCD display lights up behind the regular analog dials.

The 5132 and the black, square ITT21-5101 are both priced at $269.07, while the ITA21-5111 and ITA21-5142 are both £323.10.  Each has a one-year warranty; we're not sure exactly how "limited" stock actually is.