Display those Geeky toys with Cubisto

Looking for a new way to display that geeky side? Now there is Cubisto, it creates a 3-D display of your collectables. Since I know a lot of you like to keep your toys in pristine condition, this little guy sandwiches whatever you want it to protecting it from dust and random spills. This also means when you are dusting things off you just clean off the plastic screen as opposed to rubbing off the features of your Slave Leia every time spring cleaning comes around.

I occasionally show the products I write about to my guy friends before I write them up just for kicks to see what they say. I kid you not the first thing they brought up was Star Wars. You boys need a new hobby, try girls out for a change, and no, Leia doesn't count. This would be a good way to feature you knick knacks and make them look a little less like children's toys and a little more like collectables.

Growing up doesn't mean you have to get rid of your toys, it just means you have to show them off a little differently. You might also want to pretend like you don't actually play with them still. Luckily for you, you can link several of these blocks together to showcase all of your geeky toys. Mine would have the old Ninja Turtle action figures in them, not those creepy new ones. The blocks come in pink or blue and are priced at only $14.95.

Cubisto 3D Framing Device for Showcasing Your First Cell Phone and Other Gadgets [via chipchick]