Disney Vodafone Neo sorta turns Grogu into a Tamagotchi

The Neo is a smartwatch made in a collaboration between Disney and Vodafone. This watch utilizes technology developed or licensed by Vodafone with characters, sounds, and imagery from Disney. The Neo is called "the smart kids watch" by Vodafone, and is "designed & connected by Vodafone, featuring Disney." One of the "sidekick" characters featured with the device is Grogu, AKA The Mandalorian character previously known as "The Child" (unofficially nicknamed Baby Yoda!)

Neo is a smart watch that works with the ability to call, receive calls, and track location with GPS. Service is provided by Vodafone – at the moment that means this device is only available in the UK, for people that use Vodafone service.

The most exciting bit of this equation is personalization via Disney sidekick. Per Vodafone, "kids can personalize Neo with their own Disney sidekick who comes to life in the watch." These "sidekicks" will "make daily activities fun" as they "spring to life through the day."

Each sidekick has its own set of activities with unique sound effects. Over time, the collection of characters available for use as sidekicks will grow "at no extra charge."

This watch will be available at first in two colors: Mint and Ocean. The watch is waterproof at a fresh water depth of 10 meters for up to 30 minutes – IP68 rated, not approved for swimming or diving. There's also a 5MP camera on the side. This is a very strange and oddly appealing device, of that you can be sure.

This watch includes no internet access – which, as Vodafone suggests – makes this "the ideal starter device." This watch will be available starting in early 2021 through Vodafone, and no pricing has yet been revealed. You'll need to pay a fee up front (likely) and a subscription cost (definitely) once the device is released. UPDATE: Pricing starts at 99GBP up front with a monthly fee starting at 7GPB.