Disney Infinity starter pack and play sets get expensive price tags

Eric Abent - Jan 16, 2013
Disney Infinity starter pack and play sets get expensive price tags

Yesterday, Disney announced Disney Infinity, a new game that looks to capture a segment of the huge audience created by Activision‘s Skylanders line of games. We’re sure the announcement lit up the imaginations of many different children, but those trips into famous Disney worlds are going to cost a healthy amount of money. Disney has stuck the starter pack with a $74.99 price tag, and each “Play Set” will require a payment of $34.99.

There will be 20 characters in the initial batch of figures Disney produces for the game, and apparently each one will get its own Play Set. That equals out to a lot of money if one were to buy them all, and if Disney Infinity proves to be as popular as Skylanders, then we can see children endlessly asking their parents for each and every one. The starter pack, on the other hand, comes with three characters (Jack Sparrow, Sully, and Mr. Incredible) and the base game, which is why its price has settled dangerously close to $100.

Something worth pointing out is the fact that each character adds his or her (or its) own world to explore in-game, so there’s a significant amount of new content added with the addition of each character. Perhaps that’s why Disney has priced these Play Sets so much higher than the asking price for Activision’s Skylanders figures? It could be one reason, but then again, Disney has always charged a premium price for most items associated with its properties.

There will also be Power Disc bundles players can pick up for $4.99 each. These Power Discs can be used to power up your character in-game, granting them new abilities or items to use. With all of the extras Disney has introduced for this new game, we have a feeling the company won’t have a problem making a decent amount of cash from the title. That is, so long as Disney Infinity‘s popularity takes off when it releases in June. Stay tuned.

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