Disney digicam adds Pluto to your portraits

Giving kids a basic digital camera is a great way to keep them occupied.  Obviously not as good as locking them in the basement, but less likely to have you investigated by Social Services.  Disney are obviously thinking the same thing – the camera, that is, not the imprisonment – and have released a branded 3-megapixel digicam that promises to bring their characters into your kids playtime.

Basically, it's a cheap camera with some nifty image superimposing tech that lets you add a Disney character into the frame – perfect for creating those "we've been to Disney World" shots even though you're really too cheap to pay for it.

It's just $80 to give your kids a taste of the David Bailey lifestyle (if, that is, David Bailey took photos of enormous anthropomorphic mice and foolhardy dogs), and the Disney Pix Life comes with 32MB of internal memory and a SD/MMC slot for expanding that should your child actually display some skills worth preserving.

Runs on 2AA batteries and comes complete with Disney photo editing software. 

New York Times [via Gear Live]