Dish Network DTVPal DVR preorders from next week for $250

Dish Network have confirmed that their DTVPal DVR will be available to pre-order from next week, with deliveries of the personal video recorder beginning in December.  The unit includes an Over The Air (OTA) analog and digital TV tuner with an unspecified recording capacity and 720p/1080i outputs.

While the DTVPal PVR includes both USB and ethernet connections, they won't initially be in use.  Rather than sourcing program guides from online, the PVR will access OTA data.  Both analog and digital content can be paused, recorded, reversed and more.

Of course, what will attract most people is the absence of a subscription fee; like Freeview PVRs in Europe, the Dish Networks box will cost only as much as its initial purchase price.  Even that's subject to some sweetening: a $50 rebate on the $300 sticker price for early buyers.

[via Dave Zatz]