DISH Boost Mobile acquires MVNO Gen Mobile: What's that mean for you?

Boost Mobile just announced they'd be acquiring the entirety of Gen Mobile. DISH Network Corporation owns Boost Mobile, and now they'll own the entirety of what was included in Gen Mobile. Boost will procure all of Gen Mobile's distribution network, technology, customer base, the brand, and the wireless team currently working for Gen Mobile.

In the very near future, Gen Mobile will be part of Boost Mobile. It would APPEAR that the Gen Mobile brand will remain what it is today, but that it'll be operating as part of the Boost Mobile group. So if you're paying bills to Gen Mobile now, chances are you'll be paying bills to Gen Mobile for a while, at least.

Part of the DISH press release and a point the company wanted to make very clear is that Gen Mobile will "continue to sell its low-cost wireless plans starting at just $10-with other cost-efficient plans to come." The company also emphasized their continued dedication to the Emergency Broadband Benefit program (that's EBB), that Boost Mobile joined earlier this year.

There remains the possibility that Gen Mobile will eventually just turn into Boost Mobile, but it's unlikely that'll happen soon. We're talking years down the line, if what we've learned from past acquisitions of this sort remains true in this deal here in 2021 and beyond.

Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about other dealings DISH and Boost Mobile have been a part of as of late. Stick around as we continue to cover Gen Mobile as it heads toward acquisition, which should be complete in the next few weeks or months. And if you have any questions about the acquisition, be sure to call your local Gen Mobile representative and see what they have to say about this big move – once the acquisition is complete, of course.