Disgusting edible Angry Birds cakes are cool and gross

We have seen some things based on Angry birds that you can eat before, but generally, they were of the cute variety. A woman and her husband created a very cool, but thoroughly disgusting cake that looks like an old grizzled real life version of the green king pig and his little lackey. The cake is so realistic it looks pretty gross.

The head reminds me more than a little of those fat warthog looking creatures that guard Jabba's front door in Return of the Jedi. The creators of the cake baked a normal cake and then froze it. Once frozen they carved the basic shape for the pig heads out of the dough and then crumb coated it. They used some sort of white chocolate molding dough for the crown and to go over the head to give the shiny sheen.

The details on the faces were painted with vodka diluted food colors. The little birds are standing on the design using toothpicks. The finished product is very impressive, but I think some might be too grossed out to eat the cake.

[via ThreadCakes]