Disclaimer: Facebook Email Addresses Aren't "Awesome"

There a message being thrown around today that the "Awesome" announcement made by Facebook this week will be about Facebook-based emails. We'd like to set the record straight in saying that not only are Facebook emails NOT going to be the announcement, they're also not new at all. They've been around for weeks, and lower in this post we'd just love to show you how you can grab one.

Facebook emails have been active for a while now, and you can grab yours for free if you just head to your Messages View in Facebook you'll see a notification (if you've not already activated your Facebook email) that'll allow you to match your new email to your Facebook Profile name. Aka if your Facebook is located at facebook.com/username, you'll get username@facebook.com for an email! The neat thing about this is that when people send you email to that address, you've only got to go to your Messages View in Facebook to see what you've been mailed.

The only drawback here is that there doesn't appear to be any way to make your Facebook email attach to any third-party clients the way, for example, Gmail allows you to attach to essentially anything and everything. In this way Facebook tries to keep you inside their system, while Google as always is allowing you to be essentially free to do what you will.

That said, we're still looking forward to the "Awesome" announcement coming this Wednesday July 6 at 10AM PST. Will it be a free car for everyone, an iPad, perhaps face lotion for every third customer?! We can wait, I'm telling ya!

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