Dirt cheap Orange data plan for iPad 3G detailed

One of the best things about the iPad 3G when it was announced here in the US was that AT&T had for once offered buyers a very good deal on a data plan for the device. With the iPad set to land in the UK shortly, many fans are looking at getting their hands on the iPad 3G.

We have already talked about data plan pricing for the iPad 3G in the UK. However, there is a way to get a data plan at an even lower rate than what we previously though according to ITProPortal.

The data plan in question will cost the iPad user £5 monthly for 500MB of data each month. There are a few catches though. You have to be an existing Orange customer with an Orange 3G dongle in your possession. You then have to remove the SIM and hack it with a knife or scissors into a microSIM card and cram it into the iPad 3G. Naturally, this is a violation of Orange user agreements and policies, but we won't tell on you.