DiRT 5, the go-to for best graphics on Xbox Series X?

Watching the full Xbox Series X collection of trailers in Microsoft's presentation today, one game stood out for extraordinary graphics finesse. The game DiRT 5 won't likely be the best-selling launch game for Xbox Series X, but it might well be the most perfect example of high-end graphics on the platform right out the gate. This game will have the eyes of all the car companies with which it works on it, judging it, demanding excellence – and for that, as much as for the gamers who'll play the game, it'll look fantastic.

Below you'll see the first DiRT 5 official announce trailer – with a bit of cinematic action in the mix. The vast majority of what you're seeing here is cinematic business, which means it's not going to look like this when you're actually driving in the game. HOWEVER, we know from past deliveries from the people who make DiRT that we'll get an experience that looks pretty much as good.

Past DiRT games have been "ultra-realistic", and a base in that tradition makes for an interesting proposal for the next chapter in this saga. This game uses the realism in graphics of the DiRT games that've come before and aims to deliver a new sort of game.

"We wanted to go bigger, in all possible ways. Take Career, which hands you a deep story-based mode with a star-studded cast, led by the legendary Troy Baker and Nolan North," said Chris Groves, Social and Community Manager at Codemasters. "These legendary voices of gaming, and some familiar names from the car culture world, lay out a story with decision-based changes and a proper narrative to get your teeth into."

"When you jump into this game, forget the norm," said Groves. "Forget expectations. Forget the 'regular' way of playing. Dirt 5 dares you – and rewards you – for being creative, stylish, and sometimes for being a straight-up lunatic." The paint jobs you see in the imagery and the video you see above should give you some idea of what's possible. Cross your fingers that this experience is everything the creators have promised here at the outset!