DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now price hiked for Grandfathered plans

Chris Burns - Oct 18, 2019, 12:45pm CDT
DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now price hiked for Grandfathered plans

The streaming service AT&T TV Now, once called DirecTV Now, will get a price hike in the near future. This jump will affect all subscribers, even those that’d previously been “grandfathered in” to older pricing. The price hike will come to approximately $15 extra, for each subscriber, per month.

“We’re adjusting our pricing to reflect the cost to deliver content to our customers,” said an AT&T representative in a statement provided to the press and via AT&T Help Twitter. “Customers can contact us at any time to review their plans or make account changes.” Some customers have reported that they’ve not gotten notification of an increase in price, while others have an email that was sent earlier today.

It would appear that most customers getting said email were notified that their 11/24/2019 payment would reflect the price increase. It was suggested in said email text that “the price increase will not affect the cost of add-ons, like 3rd stream or premium channels, nor will it affect any discounts you may already receive on your account.”

One of said discounts in question is a $25 discount for “early subscribers” with the service. While some users report this discount sticking in place with the price-hike, others seem to have said discount missing from their final adjusted price.

Some users suggest this is not the first price increase for AT&T TV Now this year. More than one user suggested this morning that they’d seen 2 or more price increases to the AT&T TV Now (previously called DirecTV Now) service since Spring of 2019.

Above you’ll see customers reacting to the price hikes via Twitter. It seems unlikely that AT&T and related services (of which there are now very, very many), will stop changing in such a way. Stick around as we continue to track the lot!

UPDATE: AT&T sent word with some clarifications. According to AT&T, customers with the PLUS package for AT&T TV NOW will see the $15 increase. A $10 increase in price will be sent to all other plans. Also according to AT&T, the changes will go into play on November 19, 2019, and will “impact customers with the legacy plans and the new PLUS & MAX plans.” A company representative said that customers with Entertainment to Optimo Mas packages “are not currently impacted.”

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