Dinky handheld rocks the super-speed wireless broadband

Wowsers, this lady looks happy for someone who's had their hand prosthetically replaced with a small notebook-style UMPC.  Despite CTIA Wireless just having been staged, Edge Tech have decided not to unveil their portable, "Mobile DSL" toting handheld yet and instead leak out details like a surprisingly tempting faucet.  Details are on the anaemic side of slim, though I'd expect for something promising internet access at comparable speeds to home broadband connections to have HSDPA.


The Gizmodo boys popped a couple of quarters in the nearest payphone (they'd get a cellphone of their own but they've all got shocking credit ratings) and milked some information direct from the teat of Edge Tech.  Apparently on launch it'll be priced at $299 with a one-year, $39/month contract, or $259 with a two-year, $34/contract.  It'll also have onboard GPS.

Guess we'll just have to watch and wait on this one.

Edge Tech [via Gizmodo]