Dimensions iOS app works with Hans Zimmer to create alternate reality soundscape game

Ever since video games were first invented, it has been both graphics and gameplay that have dominated talk about their quality and vision — what we're seeing now is games such as Dimensions (for iOS) that bring our mobile modernity into focus with sound-based gameplay. This game has been worked on by developers at RjDj and takes what you may well have experienced in the Inception application from earlier this year to a whole new level. The developers here have worked with Oscar winning soundtrack producer Hans Zimmer (also having worked on Inception, mind you), to bring you the music and sound environments you experience in the game. If that wasn't enough to get you to drop the $2.99 in the iTunes Appstore, do read on.

What you're going to experience here has been described by musician Pharrell Williams as "like legal drugs with no side effects" and been summed up by Zimmer as "an amazing immersive Soundtrack for your life." Essentially it's sounds all around you that you're going to have to grab and touch without seeing. A game like this has never been truly accomplished in such a way, and with the team they've got working on this project, you know you're in for a treat. Have a peek at this teaser trailer first:

What you're hearing and seeing there is the woman in the video speaking and hearing her voice being augmented and played back instantly. This is part of the experience you're going to get when you play the game with headphones and your mic turned on, exploring the sonic landscape as you allow Dimensions to dunk you in ears first. This entire project is being powered by the open source visual development environment Pure Data. So much code for so few sounds at the surface – there's much more depth here than what meets the eye, if you catch my meaning. Download the app from the iTunes Appstore now.