Digitalcube i-station UDIC hands-on

Digitalcube's i-station UDIC may look like a mini-convertible UMPC, but in actual fact it's an electronic dictionary.  Still, that doesn't really do the handheld device justice: it's a dictionary with 50 languages, as well as text-to-speech, "native speakers" pronunciation guides and the i-TRANS translating service.  Available in two versions, both have hard-drives: one 30GB, the other 60GB.  AVING have been playing with the i-station recently and have made a video of the device in action; check it out after the cut. 

The 4.3-inch display is a touchscreen that can be reversed and folded flat to the QWERTY keyboard.  Digitalcube have also included the Video DIC movie captioning service.  The whole thing is powered by an Alchemy AU 1250 CPU and DVE (Dynamic Video Engine).  Pricing is 398,000(KRW) ($397) for the 30GB version and 448,000(KRW) ($447) for the 60GB.

Frankly, while an electronic dictionary is all well and good, the i-station UDIC is just crying out for some wireless connectivity.  Imagine it as a potential rival to Sony's mylo 2, packing instant messaging, email and internet access over a WiFi or Bluetooth link.  Digitalcube could definitely find buyers outside of Korea.

[via AVING]