Dieting, shock therapy style

Diets are a tricky thing and during one we are generally our own worst enemy. I will be the first to admit I don't always have the strongest willpower when it comes to food. Then again, I have over the years figured out ways to trick myself into eating better. If you are still looking for that magical answer to lose a couple extra pounds off of the waistline you might check out the Shockolate Vault.

It is a bit of a menacing name, and frankly the product is a bit menacing too. The Shockolate Vault is a small container just big enough for your favorite chocolate bar. Just put it in there and set the timer, so that you are at least spreading out your calories. I know what you're thinking, no timer is going to slow you down when you want your chocolate. However, if you try to open up the container before the time is up, it will send out an electric shock that will bring you to your knees.

To give yourself a little bit of shock therapy it will cost you around $20.

Shoc Choc [via Gadget Candy]