Diablo's Treasure Goblins show up in WoW: Legion alpha

Two of Blizzard's most-successful IP's are of course, Warcraft and Diablo. Both universes have some great games, and the current iteration of both are still highly popular (even if WoW keeps losing subscribers). What's interesting is that Blizzard seems to be pulling popular features from one game, and porting them over to the other.

Last month, we saw World of Warcraft take a page from Diablo, with the announcement of the wardrobe update. This update frees up players' inventory and moves cosmetic gear out of your bags and into its own separate tab, just like in Diablo. Now it seems that a favorite enemy from the series will be moving over to Azeroth.

When you're clearing out an area in Diablo, there's a little sound that always gets me excited. It's the cackle of a Treasure Goblin (or one of the other variations). If you're not familiar, this enemy spawns randomly, and drops gold or items as it runs around. When you engage it, it attempts to flee, and eventually spawns a portal through which it will escape. If you're able to take it down before this happens, you're given a hefty reward for your trouble.

Players who have been checking out the alpha for WoW's upcoming Legion expansion have reported running into a Treasure Demon, which acts exactly like its Diablo counterpart. In the current build, the Treasure Demon only drops Sanctuary Coins, which are worthless. However, it's likely in the final release that we'll see far greater treasures dropped by them.

VIA: Kotaku