WoW to get a wardrobe update in Legion

When you play an MMO like World of Warcraft, you always had to choose between wearing gear that looked good, and gear that actually helped you. Sure, there are high tier sets that look fantastic, but if everyone is wearing that same set, then you lose any sense of individuality in the game. That's why Blizzard introduced their transmogrification system. And that system is getting an overhaul in the next expansion.

Bag/bank space is always a premium in World of Warcraft. So having various pieces of cosmetic gear cluttering it up doesn't make much sense. Which is why in Legion, all of your cosmetic items will be relocated to a new wardrobe tab. This will be found alongside other tabs that house your mounts, pets, toys and heirlooms.

What's interesting is that with this move to a tab apparently also comes the ability to track the various cosmetic pieces in the world. According to an early build screenshot, it looks like there are 713 pieces that can be collected. I'm sure that number will change before the expansion comes out.

While this doesn't seem like the biggest of updates, it will certainly make many players happy. We're still pretty far from Legion's release, which is slated for September of 2016. Check out an early build of the game's new wardrobe system below:

VIA: Kotaku