Diablo III "Followers" Announced

For those of you anxiously awaiting the next phase of one of the most addicting MMORPGs of all time, DIABLO, details on Diablo III can't come quick enough, nor can then come in enough abundance. Blizzard Entertainment's newest announcement on the game is the introduction of "Followers," helpers you can access during the game that differ vastly from the "Hirelings" of the last chapter Diablo II. In this newest iteration, your Follower is highly customizable to the point of basically acting as a whole extra character for you to use – teamwork, not just redshirt.

Redshirt is of course a term that means the character in question is only in place to sacrifice so that you may live. These newest characters are nothing of the sort – not pets, companions. There are several orders of Followers, each of them with their own unique set of characteristics. The Templar order are similar to Paladins but are much more specific in their agenda – how so? We're not sure yet! The Scoundrel is a humorous character that has a "darker side," probably similar to a necromancer.

Each follower has 12 total skills, the ability to equip two weapon slots, rings, amulets, and a unique class item, and they look freaking amazing. As each of these followers levels up, they'll change their visual look, appearing more powerful as they go. When a follower dies, you don't have to go back to town to revive them, they'll re-appear after a time automatically. Most of the micromanagement that was involved in previous iterations of your partner is removed here, while the characters appear to be much more involved visually and in real battle helpfulness.

Have a peek at a video of Followers in action and stay tuned to SlashGear for all your Diablo III antic...pation news.

[via Blizzard Entertainment]