Diablo III beta download here, join us this weekend!

As Blizzard Entertainment prepares for the biggest game launch they've had since World of Warcraft, Diablo III has been prepped for a global (nearly) beta test launch for all! This one-time download and weekend-only activation will have you and your loved ones crushing the forces of evil in preparation for the full battle for a full 48 hours starting today, Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), and going until Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Who will be the first to the top of the ladder?

This free-for-all beta release is available via a completely free download – and playing the game this weekend is completely free as well. You're able to play your character up to level 13 (which can be a challenge in and of itself) and people around the world, save for Korea, are being asked to help in the test for stress on Blizzard's Battle.NET servers where the game will be hosted. To get started, just [head to Blizzard's download site] and pick the right client for you!

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Unlike previous generations of Diablo, this game will be launching right away with versions for both PC and Mac computers – Apple has become such a super-power in the past 10+ years that it's almost common practice!

In addition, Blizzard has released the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise website in preparation for the release of the Diablo III later this May. This site will afford you additional information about the game, will allow you to win five exclusive sigils your character will be able to wear on your own customizable banner when the game launches, and you'll be able to clench your nails into your kneecaps as hard as possible the whole time you sit in wait!

That said, you'll definitely want to do some dungeon runs with us as we head to the pits of H E double hockey-sticks this weekend in the Beta test as well! You'll be able to find us on the Blizzard West servers and we'll be revealing our names when we lock them in – stay tuned to this post for updates!

UPDATE 2: Thanks to everyone who joined the fray! See you later this month when the real action starts, hardcore style!