Diablo II Resurrected live on Twitch and YouTube starting Thursday

Blizzard announced that this weekend Diablo II: Resurrected will be available to play in a limited Technical Alpha experience. This means you won't likely get to keep what you find, and your characters might never see the light of day after said Alpha is complete. BUT you'll get to play... if you're lucky enough to be invited to play. If not, there's always YouTube and Twitch for watching streamers who have said opportunity.

Throw away your homework and quit your day job, Diablo II is about to be back to steal your entire waking life. Diablo II: Resurrected appears to be like Diablo II in most ways – save the improved graphics and updates in the way the game is run.

Per the Blizzard Entertainment representatives presenting this renewed game, this Alpha is a test of a couple of key points. "We want to know if we're upholding the authenticity of design with our new visuals and quality of life changes."

This new version of the game will work on up to Ultra High Definition 4K (2160p) graphics on both PCs and consoles. That's IF the user has the hardware to deliver said software experience.

The first Alpha will include both Acts I and II. That means we're in the forest, in the Rogue Monastery, ready to roll up on Andariel. We're also in the desert, in Lut Gholein, ready to take on beetles aplenty. Users will get to choose from three of the original heroes: Amazon, Barbarian, or Sorceress. We'll see the rest when the full game is launched – and perhaps in a Beta before then.

The alpha runs from Friday, April 9 starting at 7AM (PT) and distributed in waves throughout the day. It'll last until Monday, April 12, at 10AM PT. You'll find YouTube Gaming and Twitch jammed full of Diablo II Resurrected starting early – on Thursday, the 8th, starting at 10AM PT.