Diablo 3 gold and real-money auction houses end-date: tomorrow

It's time to be done with the longest-lasting experiment in real-cash trade for Diablo items in the history of the Diablo gamin franchise. It will be Tuesday, March 18th when the gold and real-money auction houses are taken down entirely, while the rest of the auction house ecosystem will remain in play. Until June 24th, players will be able to access their "completed" tabs – but we wouldn't risk it.

So for those of you waiting for the first DLC, Reaper of Souls, we've got some news for you – you need to take your items out of the auction house system as soon as possible. Blizzard will be axing the entirety of the auction house sooner than later, so to avoid losing items, you're going to want to empty your bin. This goes for everyone, not just those using the gold and real-money auction houses since inception.

From then on, gamers will be able to concentrate on what matters – the Crusader. Have a peek at this demonstration of what the Crusader will bring to the Diablo III ecosystem. Destroy Mephisto or die trying.

For those of you still working with the auction houses, in all their trading and currency-based iterations, Blizzard has let some rules be known. If you're still dealing in gold, real-money, or trades tomorrow, the following will be taking place:

Answer: All active auctions will expire as normal following the shutdown of the gold and real-money auction houses on Tuesday, March 18. Once the shutdown is complete, items will either be delivered to the current highest bidder or returned to the seller, appearing in each player's Completed tab. Unclaimed gold will also appear in the Completed tab. Players will be able to claim gold and items and from this tab until June 24, 2014.

Successful transactions involving Battle.net Balance and/or PayPal will be processed normally and all usual fees will apply.

Q. What happens to my unclaimed items and gold in the Completed tab after the shutdown?

Answer: Players will be able to claim gold and items from the Completed tab in both the gold and real-money auction houses until June 24, 2014. Items and gold not claimed by this date will be consumed by Treasure Goblins, never to be seen again.

Sound alright to you? You'd be best served simply taking all of your wares out of the auction house as soon as possible. With that, you'll have no tears and no lost cash to speak of. Have a peek at our recent Diablo 3 news below and listen to Ozzy as you weep for the loss of the system in all its glory.