Developer reveals an Easter egg from the original Xbox

The very first Xbox console from Microsoft debuted in 2001. A developer who worked on that original console has now revealed an Easter egg that has remained hidden for nearly two decades. The developer who revealed the Easter egg wanted to remain anonymous and said they didn't expect the Easter egg to be found.The developer says the only way they expected the Easter egg to be discovered was if the source code leaked or if someone reverse-engineered the dashboard. This particular Easter egg is triggered in the same way as the main Easter egg that has been known, so the developer knew it was possible someone would discover it, but no one ever did.

According to the developer, they figured someone would have to leak it for the Easter egg to become known. To trigger the so-called "main" Easter egg that has been known for many years, the user had to go into the audio CD ripping screen and name a new rip "<>". If the user does that and hits the "done" button, the main Easter egg is immediately triggered, which is a hidden credit roll. Once the credits roll, the console reboots.

Anyone who still has an original Xbox console laying around who wants to see the new Easter egg requires the user to enter a specific character string before ripping a CD. However, the CD rip has to complete, and then users will find the System Info screen changes to something new. The character string that triggers the Easter egg in the audio CD area is "Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

The user will then need to go back to the main menu after ripping is finished, choose Settings, and then System Info. The user will then see a new screen listing members of the "Xbox Dashboard Team."