Developer brings Google+ commenting system to Wordpress

Just last week, Google upgraded its Blogger platform to integrate it more with its social network, Google+. With the new feature, blog posts would feature both direct comments, as well as comments in the Google+ status the Blogger link was featured in. Not only did it consolidate all the comments into one system, users were also able to filter out what types of comments they wanted to see. For example, they could choose to see only comments from certain circles, or they could see comments from everyone.

The developer for Cloud Hero was inspired by the Blogger/Google+ commenting system integration and decided that WordPress needed one as well. And voila, he managed to develop a Google+ comments plugin for WordPress. Since it's not an official release from Google, it still has some kinks in it, but it still manages to integrate nicely with WordPress. It has similar features to the Blogger plugin, where you can choose to view comments from everyone, or just from certain circles.

As of right now, the plugin is only available through Cloud Hero and you will have to install it manually, however, Cloud Hero has submitted the plugin to WordPress and it should available in its plugins database shortly. Cloud Hero has the plugin up and running on its website, and so far it seems to be working appropriately. You can see how many +1's a comment has, if a user edited their comment, quotes from other people, and much more.

This is a nice step forward into making blogging more social as well as making Google+ more popular. At the end of February, Google+ finally joined the ranks of Twitter and Facebook, and allowed users to sign into 3rd party apps, or register for accounts using the "Sign in with Google+" button. While this plugin may not be from Google directly, it is certainly helpful in making its Google+ platform more convenient.