Google brings Google+ comments to Blogger

In a continuing effort to further integrate its services with one another, Google has announced that they'll be integrating Google+ with its Blogger blogging platform. After enabling the feature in your Blogger Dashboard, you'll be able to view direct comments on a blog post, as well as comments about your blog post on Google+

Essentially, if there's a public Google+ discussion about one of your blog posts, those comments and replies will automatically appear on the blog post on Blogger. Furthermore, your readers will now be able to control how their comments are shown on Google+, by selecting which circles can see their comment specifically.

Readers will also be able to filter comments by including all comments, or filtering out certain Google+ circles, such as only viewing comments from your close friends or co-workers. If you have a Blogger blog, you can enable Google+ comments by clicking on the Google+ tab in your Blogger Dashboard, and checkmark "Use Google+ Comments."

Previous comments will still remain visible, so don't worry if you think that past comments will disappear after enabling Google+ integration. This move by Google is just one of the steps that the company has taken to integrate its various services together. The company recently integrated Gmail with Google Drive, and we're guessing that today's announcement isn't the end.