Google+ Sign-In allows for secure login on third-party apps and services

Many apps and services allow its users to sign in using their Facebook or Twitter credentials if they don't want to create a dedicated account. However, Google+ has been mysteriously absent from the list of sign-in options for awhile. However, the company has announced what they call Google+ Sign-In, a new developer tool that will allow users to log into third-party services using their Google+ credentials.

Along with the new feature, Google announced that it already has 10 partners using the new protocol in their own services, including Fancy (pictured above), Fitbit, and Shazam. Google+ Sign-In also offers more features than just being able to simply log in using your Google+ account, and it boasts new features that make it easy to share content on your Google+ page.

Google is making it possible to decide what information to share with your Google+ posse, that way you're not constantly spamming them with every status update and photo you post. The new service is available on the web, as well as on Android and iOS. Plus, Android users have a special privilege, which is the ability to push any mobile app version of a service directly to their Android phone when logging into a service using Google+.

Of course, Google is looking to take on Facebook's own Connect sign-in feature, which has some of the same functionality as Google+'s Sign-In feature, but it'll take a little bit of time before Google+ catches up with Facebook in this sense, but if Google keeps at it and adds more useful features, it could be a game changer in the social sharing market.