Details on Overwatch's Halloween event, new character leak

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it looks like year's biggest multiplayer shooter — Overwatch — is getting a special event to celebrate the occasion. Listings for items related to a "Halloween Terror event" briefly appeared on the Xbox Live marketplace a bit early, including new Halloween Loot Boxes. A separate set of leaks have also offered a clear look at the new character Sombra, which is expected to debut in the game very soon.

A handful of Xbox One users were able to see the Halloween Loot Box listings on Xbox Live a couple of days ago. The descriptions indicate that the boxes will include a variety of Halloween-themed cosmetic items, including character skins, emotes, victory poses, dialog lines, and more.

It seems Overwatch's Halloween Terror event will be held from November 1st to November 11th — technically making it a post-Halloween event — with the themed loot boxes only available during that period, similar to the Summer Games event that coincided with the Rio Olympics.

As for details on Sombra, who is described as a "notorious hacker," clear pictures of the character were posted on image-sharing sites like Imgur and DeviantArt, but it's not clear if this is part of an ongoing alternate reality game (ARG) that's designed to serve as her introduction to the game.

The source of the image seems to be an internal Blizzard website, and it mentions that Sombra "will be hacking her way into the build later tonight," so it seems likely it's related to the ARG, but has been posted online a bit early.

Other than the character's final appearance, the image reveals that Sombra will be equipped with a submachine gun. The ARG isn't expected to conclude for another 10 days, so we'll probably find out more details about her backstory before then.

SOURCE Polygon, Reddit