Destroy your tablet with a Selfie Stick attachment

If the normal Selfie Stick wasn't enough to get you pumped up about taking a picture of yourself near a crash site, the Tablet Attachment must be. This device attaches to a standard selfie stick monopod pole and gives you room to grip your tablet. You can hook on to an iPad and hold it aloft, taking a front-facing selfie photo from all sorts of different angles. Have we reached Peak Selfie Stick? Between this and that New York Post cover – yes, yes we have.

This piece of equipment goes by the name Tablet Attachment Head and it's made specifically for devices in the Apple range – that's iPad 2, iPad Air 2 and newer. You can certainly try to use it with whatever tablet you have on hand, but you'll do so at your own risk.

Of course holding a tablet at the end of a stick is a risk no matter how hard the attachment is holding on.

Have you ever held a driver – a golf club – aloft for an extended period of time? If you're unable to do so, we don't recommend working with a selfie stick of any sort – especially one with a tablet on the end of it.

Below you'll see a growing gallery of lovely modifications made to the radical dude shared by Accessory Geeks, the store where this selfie stick tablet holder comes from. We first learned about this monstrosity from HTC's Shen Ye and PC Mag's Sasha Segan. Blame them for this tragedy. Blame them for this whole situation.

The timeline below should also serve you in your selfie stick-friendly museum search. Don't just go into any ol' museum expecting to be able to use your selfie stick – know your rights!