Destiny's new multiplayer features go free to try for one week

On September 15th, the next big expansion to Destiny will see release. Titled The Taken King, it will of course feature a number of new player-vs-enemy (PVE) activities, including story missions, a raid, and lots of gear like weapons and armor. But it will also include new multiplayer content, like player-vs-player (PVP) maps and game modes. Destiny's developer Bungie has announced that starting September 8th, the week before The Taken King's release will see the new PVP content available for everyone to try for free.

Dubbed the Crucible Preview Event, all Destiny players, whether they've bought/pre-ordered the new expansion or not, will be able to play the eight new multiplayer maps, and try two new modes: Rift, an objective game type where players must grab a "spark" from the center of the map and carry it into the opposite team's side, and Mayhem, where players can make near-constant use of their Super attacks.

The preview period will last from September 8th to the 14th, after which the new content will be exclusive to those who've paid for the expansion. September 8th will the release of a 2.0 software update for the game, which, along with addressing weapon balancing issues, will include the content available during the preview event.

If you're a Destiny player, be advised, the 2.0 update comes in a pretty hefty size. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will need 18GB of free space on their console's hard drive. PS3 users will need 20GB of free space for the installation process, but afterwards the update is reduced to 10GB. Xbox 360 users will only need 10GB free.