Destiny on PS3: unsurprisingly less gorgeous

It's time to play spot the difference again! Destiny started its public beta phase last week and, naturally, current gen console gamers have jumped in on the action, both in real life and in-game. However, last gen owners weren't exactly left out of the fun, but how much are they missing by playing on boxes that are so last decade? Digital Foundry and NeoGAF dig in to find out and apparently, it's not much. That is, if you don't mind lower res, blurrier objects.

Digital Foundry posted several videos that take a side-by-side comparisons of the high-profile upcoming MMO on both generations of the PlayStation console. When it comes to broader strokes, like geometry, enemies, and other notable objects, the two are mostly the same. It is in the finer details where the generation gap rears its ugly head. To put it simply, the PS3 version is blurrier, less saturated, and less detailed, sometimes whether the object is near or far away. It has less particle and environmental effects. In some cases, it might not matter much, but in scenic views or panoramic shots, you sometimes wonder if you're still looking at the same thing.

The differences can of course be placed on the hardware capacities of the two consoles. The PS4, for example, puts out images in all their 1080p glory. The PS3, on the other hand, can't even reach 720p, capped at 1024x624. And to emphasize the difference in capabilities, Destiny on the PS4 is a 13.2GB download, while on the PS3 it is only 5.6GB. Obviously Bungie took that version on an intense diet.

It may look, literally, a bit unfair, but that is really how things go. The PS3 is almost a decade old, so it can't be expected to be able to handle all the bells and whistles that the PS4 can. In fact, it is almost an engineering and design feat that Bungie was even able to make Destiny look decent and playable on the PS3. And if anyone should feel left out, it should be the PC gamers, since, well, the game isn't available for them at all.

Just a PSA for Destiny fans in Japan still looking to buy a PS4 just for the game. Sony will be launching a limited edition Destiny-themed snowy white PlayStation 4 to capitalize on the hype around the game. However, it will be released only starting September 11 for a price of 46,980 yen, around $465, which includes a copy of the game, of course.

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SOURCE: Eurogamer, NeoGAF