Destiny live-action trailer teases Xbox One and PS4 graphics finesse

Bungies upcoming sci-fi shooter is getting teased yet again. A new live-action trailer for Destiny has been released, featuring Giancarlo Esposito, who starred in Breaking Bad and is currently starring in NBC's Revolution. The trailer involves Esposito reading Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book to his child, while Destiny CGI clips play in the background.

A passage from the book is read out loud and it describes the characters in the upcoming game, giving us a little tease at who gamers are going to control while playing the game. However, we're still not given a taste of any gameplay, which has gamers frustrated and wanting more, but it seems Activision will be milking this one out for a while.

The trailer was directed by Jon Favreau, who is best known for directing Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and his style certainly shows in this new Destiny trailer. Of course, though, we still don't know many details about the game, other than that they're calling it "shared-world shooter" that looks a lot like Halo, which isn't too surprising, as the same developer is behind both games.

A look at the trailer reveals that some of the action takes place on the Moon, as well as what looks like Mars, but as you can clearly see a close-up planet in the sky, it looks to be a fictional planet that the developers made up for the game. Overall, Destiny definitely won't be coming to an Earth near you. The game is set to release on both current- and next-generation consoles sometime in 2014, so don't expect it to launch alongside the Xbox One or PS4 in time for the Holiday season — you'll want to put it on your birthday wish list instead.