Designer TV is “desirable even before you know what it’s used for”

Chris Davies - Oct 25, 2006

Call me Lord Cynical from the planet of Scepticism, but Mario Bellini’s CUBOGLASS TV does look pretty much like a TV in a shiny glass box rather than a whimsical and attitude-shifting ironic art piece.   I guess art lets you neglect to mention certain traditionally important details, too, like the screen size. 

Cuboglass TV 

Still, we know it’s 19kg and measures 38.2×34.4×38.5cm.  The specs read a little like a electropunk novel:

  • Black matrix tube
  • wide band speaker
  • tuning in digital frequency synthesis
  • 100 programs and all TV channels
  • video ports : SCART, SVHS…

Is it worth €950 ($1195.29)?  Someone obviously thinks so, as it’s currently out of stock.

Cuboglass TV & carrycase

Mario Bellini [via The Red Ferret Journal]


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