Denso Yubi-Nya remote-control cat ring

Automotive parts supplier Denso Corporation have been demonstrating their latest remote control system, Yubi-Nya, which uses minute electric currents in the fingers to trigger central locking or other aspects of their vehicle.  Unfortunately, to operate it you need to wear a huge cat-faced ring.

That's because, bizarrely, Denso have picked a cat theme for their remote: Yubi-Nya is roughly made up of the Japanese words for "ring" and "meow", and so the 2cm-thick ring is fashioned into the shape of a cat's face.  Inside are the electronics used to generate a mild electric charge through the wearer's fingers; pressing the fingers together completes a circuit and, in the case of the demo, unlocks a model car's doors. 

Possible implementations could include PMP remote control, or linking the triggers with motion-sensitivity so the user could trace gestures in the air.  Happily Denso also have plans to make it "smaller and less noticeable" for the eventual commercial version, which hopefully won't include a huge grinning cat.

Unfortunately the only video I could find of the Yubi-Nya prototype doesn't show the car, but the motion-controlled media player, and it's not the most exciting of demos.

[via Pink Tentacle]