Delta e-Magazine color ereader due December 2010

Delta Electronics have been showing a color e-reader at Computex this week, and the big news is that it's expected to reach the market in December 2010.  The Delta e-Magazine weighs just half of Apple's iPad, but has a 13-inch display capable of showing colors, albeit relatively muted.  The device is based on Bridgestone's e-paper technology, with Delta apparently working with the company to commercialise the technology.

Obviously the primary function of the ereader is for consuming large-scale digital magazines, but according to DigiTimes the e-Magazine also supports pen-input.  That would allow documentation to be annotated.  Meanwhile battery life is tipped at around 6,000 page turns, which Delta say are completed faster than the displays of rival E Ink.

According to Delta executive Hui Lee, the next goal is richer, more saturated colors using particle-based display technologies.  That isn't likely to emerge for the next two to three years, however.  No pricing for the Delta e-Magazine has been given, though Lee suggested that some publishers might offer the ereader free with a two- or three-year magazine subscription.

[via MobileRead forums]