Delta Air Lines is the latest to offer in-flight Wi-Fi access

According to the Washington Post, Delta Air Lines is going to be offering Wi-Fi services to all their passengers. This service will cost those who wish to connect Laptops, PDAs or smartphones to Wi-Fi service, $9.99 on flights that are three hours or less and $12.95 of flights longer than three hours.

Delta Air Lines is partnering up with Aircell, which provides in-flight Wi-Fi solutions to other airlines such as Virgin America and American Airlines. According to reports this service will initially only be available on shuttle flights between Washington's Reagan National, New York's LaGuardia, and Boston's Logan airports. Delta Air Lines plans to have this service available in their domestic fleet of 330 aircrafts. This makes up for 60 percent of Delta's seats occupied daily.

Delta plans to have Wi-Fi on all of their flights by the second quarter of 2009. Virgin America beat them to the punch by releasing their Wi-Fi service on a single flight on November 24th. Plenty of other airlines including American Airlines and JetBlue have announced their plans to incorporate Wi-Fi service in the air. Many airlines are starting to realize there is a large market for Internet access during flights in the future.